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Terberg Kinglifter has built up a reputation for customer focus and quality, based on supplying truck-mounted forklifts of the highest quality and offering excellent performance.

We aim to fulfil our mission by investing constantly in engineering, fine-tuning our business processes and optimising our distribution network. Our core values are entrepreneurial spirit, customer focus, innovation, quality, flexibility, and integrity.


“Terberg aims to be a highly respected, customer focused manufacturer of tailor made modifications and industrial vehicles of exceptional quality and optimum performance.

This is achieved through a continuous focus on investment in engineering, improvement of production processes and optimisation of our distribution network.

The involvement of all our employees ensures commitment to our organisation and a genuine passion for our product.”


Core values 

Our core values are a spirit of enterprise, a focus on innovation and change, customer friendliness, flexibility, integrity and quality.

These core values have enabled us to grow and are deeply rooted in our organisation. In effect, they are part of our DNA. It is this DNA that guides us in our work. And no concessions on this will be made. These core values must also form the basis of how you work and behave on a day-to-day basis.

We are convinced that the core values we stand for have provided the foundations for our success, underlie our culture and guide our actions.

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